Valentine Gifts for Home Caregivers

February 12, 2018

Home caregivers may enjoy Valentine's Day, too.

Family members of home caregivers hopefully recognize the importance of the vital work these tireless individuals do. Without dedicated home caregivers, millions of seniors would not be receiving the kind of care they need to live their best possible lives. So why not take advantage of Valentine’s Day on February 14 to celebrate and honor the work of these fine and exceptional people?

Seniors who are receiving such care can make their appreciation known — but so can relatives and friends who recognize that an expression of thanks is due.

What to Do

There are a number of ways to thank home caregivers on Valentine’s Day. Among them are:

  • Let them go on a Valentine’s Day date. Too often, home caregivers don’t have enough alone time with their spouses or significant others. A really good friend can arrange to come over and take care of Aunt Jane for an evening so that the caregiver and their partner can have a romantic candlelit dinner and see a movie or just spend time snuggling. Giving real “me time” to a caregiver is ALWAYS a valuable gift.
  • Cook dinner. If a whole evening isn’t possible, how about cooking dinner or arranging to pick up some of your favorite home caregiver’s favorite take-out food? Many home caregivers prepare three meals a day; getting a little respite can be a beautiful thing.
  • Give a subscription. A magazine subscription can give a caregiver something to read during their rare moments of down time. Or a subscription to an online TV and movie service can give them something to watch with their patient when there’s nothing good on regular TV.
  • Take care of the pets. Even home caregivers who enjoy getting some fresh air may occasionally balk at walking the dog in the cold. Agreeing to do this chore, or to clean the cat’s litter box, take the hamster to the vet, or simply make a run to the pet store for food can be a huge help.
  • Pamper them. A gift certificate to a local spa or to have a simple facial is wonderful — and even better if the giver is able to make arrangements for taking care of the patient while the gift is being enjoyed.

Home caregivers affect so many people beyond just their patients — and they deserve to be thanked this February.

Jason Sager

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